New Guidelines For Sensible Methods In Bathing Suits

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Humanitarian organisations have been forced to rely heavily on air transport, a much more expensive ชุดว่ายน้ําวินเทจ สยาม alternative. Image caption Aid groups depend on air transport to distribute supplies Image caption Hundreds of civilians have sought refuge in "protection sites" Planes carrying grain, pulses and vegetable oil fly daily from the capital, Juba, or Gambella in Ethiopia and drop hundreds of tonnes of food stuff on drop zones near camps where people have fled. Even fuel for vehicles and generators is transported by air. 'Malnutrition up threefold' The UN children's agency Unicef says the escalating crisis means that they have to increase supplies, staff and security officers. "Malnutrition in Northern Bahr al-Ghazal has gone up threefold and so we have to have three times the amount of supplies to respond to the children's needs," says Mahimbo Mdoe, Unicef's representative in South Sudan. Image caption Unicef says millions of children face severe hunger The situation, he says, is "dire" with up to six million children affected. He warns that unless things change, the situation could get worse for civilians, especially women and children, and it would also be harder for humanitarian workers to reach them. In August, the UN Security Council passed a resolution creating a regional Regional Protection Force (RPF) whose mandate would include securing Juba as a neutral ground in the power struggle between President Salva Kiir and his sacked Vice-President Riek Machar. South Sudan's government has agreed to the deployment but with conditions. Image copyright AP Image caption Riek Machar (L) was named vice-president to President Salva Kiir in a deal to end the fighting President Salva Kiir's spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny said that the government would determine "where the troops come from and where the protection force would be based". If, and when an agreement is reached, it will take several more months before the force arrives in South Sudan.

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