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I really believe it makes the quality so much better because I’m able to get samples delivered to me every day for fine-tuning. The tags are all hand-stitched. The fabric strips are cut by hand, and the single-needle stitch work is hand-done. Pieces are priced according to how long they take to make, and some hoodies take hours. We pay hourly so the process isn’t rushed. You can see that the pieces aren’t perfect, which gives them character and a handmade feel. … The fabric is also a huge part of what we do. In the beginning, I bought vintage sweats and T-shirts in large sizes and cut them up to make new garments. Then in 2007, I found the guy who still makes my fabric today. Aviator Nation floral-print velvet maillot, $249.99, and men's Moto sweatpants, $151.99. (Aviator Nation) So mid-May marked the debut of swimwear.

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